H) XL-Porta-Grazer™ Keeper Stand

Not available outside of the USA

Porta-Grazer™ Keeper Stand (PGKS)

Excellent travel accessory when on the go with your Porta-Grazer™. Lockable preventing theft also does not allow the Porta-Grazer™ to slide, spin, tip over or come in contact with your trailer. Just roll your trailer tire on to the base mount securing it to the ground.  Insert the barrel lock bar through the handle of the barrel into the keeper base.  Then rotate and insert the quick release pin securing the Porta-Grazer™ in the upright position.  Instead of the quick release pin you can use a padlock to prevent theft while you are away.

Modification needed if used for the Mini PG: Two holes must be drilled for additional height ajustment.

100% metal construction painted to prevent rust, approx wt.- 6 lbs, reflective striping for nightime safety, accepts lock with 1/4" latch pin dia. 1" wide 1 1/2" deep capacity (not included)

Made in the USA

ATTENTION: Use caution when tying horses to trailers.  Watch closely to avoid entanglement and injury.

H) XL-Porta-Grazer™  Keeper Stand
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