Now Soaking or Rinsing is so easy!!! No mess no Fuss!!

1) Put in the hay 2) Drop in the pan and put on the lid 3) turn on the water.  Less than 1 minute !!

Automatically shuts off when full.

Threads on the fittings are GHT (garden hose threads) for the USA.  If you live outside of the US an adapter will be required for hook up.  Available at most hardware stores.

When soaking is finished turn off the water and remove the drain plug drain and feed.

***CAUTION***Horses hooves must be 1” larger in diameter than the holes in the feed restrictor pan to avoid possible entrapment and injury. For ponies: If the hoof is not larger than the smallest available hole size then the hoof must be 1/2" smaller than the selected hole size so the hoof may be easily removed.

XL PORTA-GRAZER™ soaker/Rinser 3 piece set includes: barrel and one 4" feed restrictor pan and rinser/soaker lid .  The patented interlocking barrel opening has notches that correspond with tabs located on the lower portion of the outside wall of the restrictor pan.  This allows the pan to be secured in the barrel while still partially extended above the barrel opening allowing for more hay. Simply align the indicator hole in the pan wall with the arrow on the barrel and lift out the pan. The hay is not fluffed, simply place the flake flat against the inside barrel wall, push down folding the flake over to the bottom then line up the tabs and drop in the pan.  Takes only seconds to load!! 

Approximate hay capacity = 5655 cu. in. = 1/3 of a 3 string bale or 1/2 of a 2 string bale. Weight will vary depending on the compaction and moisture content of the hay.

Specifications- Rugged food grade (not recycled) polyethylene plastic, UV protected, rated to 30 deg. below zero. approx. 20 lbs empty, 24" tall x 22" wide, 3/4" threaded drain plug.

4" holes-for all soaked hay and pellets.

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