This Pan is for the Corner Feeder ONLY.


**** ATTENTION****

To place a restrictor pan order from outside the contiguous US call our office 1-208-253-3330



Note:Simple ajustment by customer may be necessary to insure proper fit.

 ***CAUTION***Horses hooves must be 1” larger in diameter than the holes in the feed restrictor pan to avoid possible entrapment and injury. For ponies: If the hoof is not larger than the smallest available hole size then the hoof must be 1/2" smaller than the selected hole size so the hoof may be easily removed.


Hole selection guideline- Read all choices before making selection.
3.5" holes for- feeding grass hay free choice.  For minis/ponies when soaking hay
4" holes for-  ration feeding all horses,  alfalfa hay, overly compacted, dry, brittle or coarse hay, any hay taken from round or big square bales, and horses with under or over bites, or when soaking hay for horses.  Draft horses

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